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Research into the History of Libraries in the United States, especially those at Universities and the History of their Collections


Documents on learned libraries in the United States between 1793 and 1863 transcribed by K.E.Carpenter

One hundred and one transcriptions of articles from American newspapers, reviews, and other periodicals published between 1818 and 1925 giving a wide variety of particulars about private libraries, 19th century American book collectors (e.g. E.B. Corwin, Alexander A. Smets, W. E.Burton, leading Brooklyn collectors, et al.), learned libraries (Kirkland, 1818; Patton, 1838), the future of libraries (Brockett, 1870), and many related topics. Most of the transcriptions are from clippings compiled by William H. Dorsey during the period 1875 to 1890 and pasted into his scrapbooks numbers 247-251, currently held at Cheyney University. Transcribed by Max Bialek (May-July, 2006) and Jared Camins-Esakov (January, 2007).

'Libraries' in Eighty Years' Progress of The United States: A Family Record of American Industry, Energy and Enterprise (Hartford, 1867) pages 423-432. [PDF]

Clippings from newspapers about purchases of rare books by University libraries(1878-1925). [PDF]

The Treasure Room by H. Addington Bruce, published in The Outlook, A Weekly Newspaper, issue for 27 November 1909, volume XCIII, pages 711-721. [PDF] "[In 1907] when funds were secured to build an addition to Gore Hall [at Harvard University], the librarian, William C. Lane, determined to set apart in the addition a room -- to be known as the "Treasure Room" -- in which might be brought together from their scattered hiding-places all books exceptionally prized because of their age, rarity, or personal associations."

Main set of documents relating to the Princeton University Library

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