Database of American Libraries before 1876

Codes for types of library

Type of library codeType of library detailed
AcadAcademy libraryx
Agri collAgricultural and mechanical college library
Agri soclAgricultural social library
Agri stateAgricultural library belonging to a state gov.
Antiq socyAntiquarian society library
ApprenApprentices' library
Art collArt college library
Art musArt museum library
Art socyArt society library
AsylumAsylum library
AthenAtheneum library
BarBar association library
BookBook club library
Bus collBusiness college library
Bus lawBusiness law library
ChambChamber of commerce library
ChurchChurch library
Co eduCounty education library
Co lawCounty law library
Co medCounty medical library
Co sciCounty scienctific library
Co theoCounty theological library
CollCollege library
Coll socyCollege student society library
CommCommercial circulating library
ConventConvent library
CourtCourt library
DelDeleted Cards
DentistDentistry library
EduEducation library
ElemElementary school library
Eng socyEngineering society library
FireFire company library
For lang socyForeign language society library
FratFraternal organization library
GarrGarrison library
Germ soclGerman social library
Germ socyGerman society library
GovGovernment-aided social library
HealthHealth, state board library
Hist soclHistorical social library
Hort socyHorticultural society library
HospHospital library
HotelHotel reading room
HouseHouse of refuge library
HSHigh school library
IndustIndustrial school for boys library
Juv soclJuvenile social library
Ladies' socyLadies' society library
LawLaw library
Law collLaw school library
Law soclSocial law library
Law stateState law library
Lib assocLibrary association
Lit socyLiterary society library
LocalLocal government library
LyceumLyceum library
MaclureMaclure library
ManuManufacturers' (or mill) library
MasonMasonic library
MechMechanics' library
MedMedical Library
Med collMedical college library
Med soclMedical social library
Med socyMedical society library
MercMercantile library
Mil acadMilitary academy library
Mil collMilitary college library
Mil soclMilitary social library
MillMills library
MissionMission library
Mission socyMissionary society library
Music socyMusical society library
OddOdd Fellows library
PatPatients' library
PharmPharmacy library
PL ownedPublic library owned by an individual
PrisonPrison library
PublicPublic library
Read clubReading club
Read roomReading room
ReformReform school library
RelReligious library belonging to a town
Rel collReligious college society library
Rel hist socyReligious historical society library
Rel soclReligious social library
Rel socyReligious society library
RRRailroad library
SchoolSchool district library
Sci eng collScientific or engineering college library
Sci eng socyScientific or engineering society library
Sci govScientific library owned by a government
SemSeminary library
SoclSocial library
SocySociety library
StateState library
SunSunday school library
TempTemperance library
TerrTerritory library
Theo collTheological seminary library
Theo socyTheological society library
TownTownship library
TradeBoard of trade library
US GovUnited States government library
Wn colWomen's college library
Wn libWomen's library
Wn socyWomen's society library
Work menWorkingmen's library
YMAYoung Men's Assoc. library
YMCAYoung Men's Christian Association library
YMLAYoung Men's Library Association
Young Men'sYoung Men's
YWCAYoung Women's Christian Association